A bottle of bleach was discovered in Steven Avery’s trailer following Brendan Dassey's confession on 1 March 2006. The bottle was empty. Brendan had told investigators that bleach was used to clean a “red fluid” from Steven's garage floor on Halloween.



On Wednesday 1 March 2006 Brendan Dassey confessed to lead investigators Fassbender and Wiegert that his uncle shot Halbach in his garage near a green lawnmower. A pool of “red fluid” was cleaned with her clothes, gasoline, paint thinner and bleach.[3]

Following the confession investigators of The DCI and Calumet County, with manpower resources from Manitowoc County returned to Avery's property to search his garage and his trailer.[4]

At 18:34 hours the trailer was cleared by CASO Deputy Rick Riemer and CASO Investigator Wendy Baldwin. After this, they, along with CASO Deputy Bill Tyson, began searching the trailer beginning with the rear bedroom and moving forward from thereon.[4]

At 20:57 hours an empty bleach bottle was confiscated by CASO's Rick Riemer from on top of a dryer in Steven Avery's laundry room.[1]


The bleach bottle was empty. There was also a reddish stain at the bottom of the bottle, but after examining it it proved negative for blood.


  • On 1 March 2006, following Brendan Dassey's confession, special agent Fassbender of the DCI confiscated jeans from his home. The jeans had bleach stains on them.
  • Brendan Dassey told Fassbender and Wiegert that he wore these jeans on the night of 31 October when he cleaned a “red fluid” from his uncle's garage floor.
  • Dassey explained he made sure he didn't touch the red fluid. Because of this no red stains were found on his jeans.


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