A pack of .22 caliber long rifle bullets of the brand CCI were found in a record cabinet in Steven Avery’s trailer. The bullets can be used for the Marlin Glenfield .22 caliber rifle which was found in a gunrack in Steven’s bedroom.



On Tuesday 8 November 2005 CASO deputy Dan Kucharski was requested to search the Steven Avery trailer. Two Manitowoc County resources; Jim Lenk and Andy Colborn, were assigned to assist him during this day.[1]

Sometime after 08:25 hours the three men began searching the Steven Avery bedroom. They were in visual and verbal contact the entire time.[2] Colborn searched the desk area and a small record cabinet next to the desk for pornographic materials and while he was doing so he found a pack of .22 caliber ammunition in the record cabinet. The bullet pack was handed over the Deputy Kucharski.[2][3]

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