Three electronics that originally belonged to the victim were found burned in Steven Avery’s burn barrel. The electronics were a cellular phone, a PDA and a photo camera.

Burned cellular phone

On Monday 7 November during a search that begin around 8:00AM Deputy David Siders of Manitowoc County was assigned by Calumet County to search the area near Steven Avery’s trailer. He came across a burn barrel and as he looked inside it he observed some burnt, melted plastic items. One of the pieces appeared to Siders as part of a cell phone, as it had an 'M' emblem on it. It appeared to be the emblem of a Motorola brand cell phone.

After this discovery the DCI was contacted.

Burned camera

As the DCI came on the scene they looked inside the burn barrel and agreed with David Siders that the piece of an 'M' emblem on it appeared to come from a cellular phone. As the DCI agent looked further he also observed what appeared to him as pieces of a camera.

The Wisconsin State Crime Lab examined the parts of the camera and determined that these pieces were part of a Canon Powershot A310 digital camera.[1] Three flash cards were also recovered.[1]

AutoTrader was contacted about this discovery and they indicated that they do issue this camera model to their photographers.[1]

The cell phone pieces with the 'M' emblem turned out to be a Motorola flip-phone.[1] From Kelly Halbach, the victim's sister, the investigators learned the victim had a Motorola RAZR flip-phone. This was later confirmed by Ryan Hillegas and Scott Bloedorn.[1]
Exhibit 007 (camera box)

A box for a Canon PowerShot camera retrieved from the victim's home.

Burned PDA

The burned PDA that was recovered was identified as a Palm Zire 31 model.[2]


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