Calumet County Sheriff’s Department

CASO people involved in Avery investigation

The following is a list of all CASO personnel that was involved in the 2005 investigation of Steven Avery.

Name Role Notes
Mark Wiegert co-lead investigator
(with Fassbender)
John Dedering Investigator • Visited George Zipperer on 3 November.
• Investigated Bradley Czech, a deejay the victim had been dating.
• Searched Earl Avery's residence on 5 November.
Leslie Lemieux Corporal Began the initial investigation of a possible missing person when she took Karen Halbach's call on 3 November at approximately 17:00 hours. Went to Halbach's place with Wiegert that same evening.
Gerald "Jerry" Pagel Sheriff
Gary Schultz Deputy
Brett Bowe
William Tyson Sergeant
Daniël Kucharski
Gary Steier Investigator • Interviewed Joshua Radandt on 5 November. Radandt informed Gary he saw a fire in the proximity of Steven Avery'sresidence.
Kelly Sippel Lieutenant • Searched Steven Avery’s garage on 5 November. Found numerous .22 shell casings.
• Searched the Janda garage that same day and found a deer carcass.
Wendy Baldwin Investigator Known for appearing in Making a Murderer as the officer who made recordings of Steven's trailer.
Jennifer J. Bass Deputy • Was on the Avery property with Tyson on 5 November after the RAV4 was discovered.
Craig Wendling Deputy
Jeremy Hawkins Deputy
Marie Oosterhouse Deputy Telecommunicator
Joseph M. Tenor Deputy