*SA released from prison


*8:12am - Steven Avery calls AutoTrader and asks them specifically to send Halbach over to photograph a van for sale. He gives his sister's name (Barb) and phone number instead of his own.

*11:43am - Halbach calls Barb's phone to leave a message that she will be there sometime after 2pm that day

*About 1:30pm - Halbach arrives at Schmitz residence to take a car photo

*About 2pm - Halbach arrives at Zipperer's residence to take a car photo

*2:27pm - Pliszka (an employee at AutoTrader) calls Halbach who says she is 10 minutes away from SA's residence

*About 2:40pm - Halbach arrives at SA's residence

*About 3:40pm – Brenden and Blaine arrive home from school

*About 5:30pm – Brenden is home alone

*About 5:45pm – Brenden speaks with Blaine’s boss on his home phone

*About 6pm – SA calls Brenden and tells him to come over for bonfire

*About 8pm – Barb calls SA to tell Brenden to be home by 10pm

*About 930pm – Brenden is back at home wearing clothes with bleach on them

11/1 – 11/2/2005

*Halbach does not show up to work


*Halbach’s friends and family realize she is missing and reports this to police


*Large scale citizen and police search begins today


*10:30am – the Sturms find Halbach’s car

*About 2pm – Fassbender arrives and is appointer lead investigator


*Bone fragments found in burn pit


*SA arrested


*Halbach’s car key was found in SA’s bedroom


*SA charged with the murder of Halbach


*First formal police interview with Brenden, first at the high school then at the police department


*Second formal police interview with Brenden


*Brenden charged with homicide, mutilation of a corpse, and sexual assault


*Third formal police interview with Brenden


*Avery found guilty of murdering Halbach and possession of a firearm


*Avery sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole

4/16 – 4/25/2007

*Dassey trial takes place


*Making a Murderer is released on Netflix

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