1. The bullet fragment found in Steven Avery's garage was a ballistic match to a gun found in Steven Avery's bedroom.
  2. Brendan's mother Barb Janda claims she saw bleach stains on Brendan's jeans the night Teresa was at Steven Avery's to take pictures. Brendan says the stains were from helping Steven clean up the garage. The jeans were later found and entered into evidence.
  3. DNA matching Steven Avery was matched to the hood latch of Teresa's RAV4.
  4. Sexual restraints, such as ones you would buy from an adult sex shop, were found inside of Barb Janda's house. Neither Brendan's, Steven Avery, or Teresa's DNA were found on them.Link to News Article - Paragraph 8 - Link to discussion needed
  5. The jury included a man whose son works for the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department and a man whose wife works for the Manitowoc County clerk of courts office.Link to News Article  - Link to discussion needed
  6. the van that Steven was trying to sell was not his, but his sister's Barb Janda. When Steven approached her with the idea to sell the van, she declined, saying she was keeping it so she can gift it to her son when he gets his driver's license. She also didn't want to pay the 40$ to get photos of the van in AutoTrader. Steven ended up getting the photos taken and paid the 40$ himself.
  7. Robert Fabian was having a conversation with Charles Avery and Steven Avery. When the topic arose about Steven selling a van, Steven said "she hadn't shown up"
  8. When Sergeant Andrew Colborn visited the Avery property to ask around about a missing person's call Steven Avery acknowledged she was on the property, but said he "never talked to her" and that he "only saw her out the window taking pictures". He also had no idea where she was heading next and which road she took after leaving Avery Road.
  9. On 3 November Avery called AutoTrader to say Teresa had not shown up and asked to reschedule the appointment.