K9 Brutus was a cadaver dog who searched the Avery’s Auto Salvage property. Brutus' handler was Julie Kramer.


Brutus is a cadaver dog, meaning that it can follow the scent of a decomposing body. When Brutus finds an area of very strong cadaver scent he will give a so-called 'alert'. A certain bark. Brutus was used at Avery's to track the scent of Halbach.

Brutus begin his scent tracking near the RAV4 and from there headed into the direction of Steven Avery’s trailer. When Brutus entered the trailer he gave an alert in the bathroom area. Brutus then headed outside the trailer and headed into the direction of the garage and became extremely agitated. Brutus' handler then stopped her dog because of a large dangerous looking German Shephard.

Later, Brutus gave an alert at the Janda burn barrel, where eventually the victim's burned remains were found.