Making a Murderer season 1 official Canadian poster

official poster for the Canadian release

Making a Murderer is an American documentary series that premiered on Netflix on 15 December 2015. It chronicles the arrests, trials and convictions Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

The 10-episode first season begins with Steven Avery’s 1985 conviction of assaulting a woman on a beach. It later turned out he was innocent of this crime. After his release from prison in 2003 he filed a suit against the county, the county's sheriff and the district attorney. In 2005 Steven Avery was convicted of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach. He had to settle his lawsuit to be able to afford lawyers.

On 19 October 2018 a second series will be released on Netflix.



Season 1

Title Duration Summary
"Eighteen Years Lost" 64:00
"Turning the Tables" 57:00
"Plight of the Accused" 63:00

Season 2


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