Detailed timeline of 2 March 2006.

People involved


A list of people who were searching the Avery salvage yard

DCI Kevin Heimerl Special Agent found bullet FK
DCI Gary Steier Special Agent
CASO John Dedering Investigator
CASO Rick Riemer Deputy
CASO Wendy Baldwin Investigator
CASO Brett J. Bowe Deputy Guarded Avery's trailer
MTSO David Remiker resource
MTSO Dennis Jacobs resource

Other people

  1. Mark Krcma (Manitowoc County Highway Department)

Summary of events of 1 March 2006

At 18:34 hours CASO Deputy Rick Riemer and CASO Investigator Wendy Baldwin unlocked the secondary front door of Steven Avery's residence. Lieutenant Brett J. Bowe of CASO had just arrived on the scene at this time. He was to keep track of people entering the residence.[1]

At 23:00 hours Lt. Bowe was informed by David Remiker of MTSO that a small sledgehammer had been placed in the sill of the patio door, which would be on the backside of the residence, preventing anybody from entering through that door if they were able to unlock it.[1]


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