Detailed timeline for Monday 31 October 2005.


On Monday 31 October Steven Avery argued with his sister Barb Janda about putting her red van, a Plymouth, up for sale in AutoTrader magazine. Barb didn't want to sell her van. She had other plans for it. She wanted to gift it to her sons as a present for getting their driver's license.

Nonetheless, later that morning Steven called AutoTrader to set up an appointment for a photographer to come photograph his sister's red van. He gave the receptionist the name "B. Janda" and also gave his sister's address and phone number. He did not mention his own name, nor gave his address or any contact info, despite knowing he would be the one the photographer would receive her money from. He requested "the same girl as last time", seemingly unaware AutoTrader had just one photographer.

At approximately 11:00 o'clock Steven left work. Arguably he did so because he knew that the person whose name he gave to AutoTrader, his sister "B. Janda" would not be home to meet the photographer. He also did not leave his contact information. He did know, based on his previous appointments, that the photographer would make a call to her client, In this case "B. Janda", to let the client know if she could make it out there and at approximately what time. Since he did not leave his own number he would never learn from her when she would be there. He probably thought he had no choice but to just wait for her. To be sure he wouldn't miss her, he left work early.

Halbach voicemail on 31-10-05

Halbach voicemail on 31-10-05

At 11:43 the photographer left a voicemail message on Barb Janda's answering machine, saying she would be able to stop by in the afternoon around 2 o'clock or later, but she wanted a call back as she did not have an address.

Steven never heard this message and would continue to wait. He did no go back to work.

Early in the afternoon Steven, arguably getting impatient, made a phone call to the photographers cell phone. He used the *67 feature, which hides his ID on her phone. She did not pick up.

At about 2:30 the photographer arrived and parked her car near the Janda residence. What happened at this point is unclear, as there are multiple statements available.

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