Steven Avery’s burn pit is the location where the burned remains of the victim in this case were found. Coincidentally, on the day the victim disappeared, Steven Avery actually had a bonfire in his burn pit.

The burn pit lies south to the garage and west of the Janda residence.

Timeline of the burn pit

  • 1985
    • In 1985 Steven Avery prepared the burn pit for the burning of the family cat. He doused the cat in gasoline and when it caught fire he laughed as the poor animal burned to its death.
  • 2005
    • Monday 31 October 2005
      • 19:00 Steven Avery invites Brendan Dassey for a bonfire in his burn pit. The fire is already burning when Steven invites Brendan.
        Exhibit 363 (burn pit)

        The burn pit with Steven's dog Bear next to it.

      • 19:30~19:45 Scott Tadych sees a fire next to Steven Avery's garage.
      • 23:00~23:30 Blaine Dassey sees his uncle Steven tend to the bonfire.
    • Saturday 5 November 2005
      • 13:00 (approx.) Cadaver dog K9 Brutus left the trailer and followed the scent of the victim to the direction of the garage and burn pit area. Brutus became extremely agitated, but couldn't continue due to an aggressive German Shepherd dog at the burn pit.
    • Monday 7 November 2005
      • 13:30 Bloodhound K9 Loof tracked the scent of Teresa Halbach from the garage to the direction of the burn pit, but was unable to continue walking into that direction due to a large aggressive appearing German Shepherd.
    • Tuesday 8 November 2005
      • 13:41 CASO officer Kelly Sippel and MTSO officer Jason Jost decided to investigate the burn pit, because it was reported a large fire had been seen near Steven's trailer and items near the burn pit appeared burned. When suspected bone material was found someone from The DCI was requested.
      • 14:00 (approx.) DCI agent Thomas Sturdivant arrived at the burn pit with a female agent. The pit was searched further until Sturdivant discovered a part of a human skull. The Crime Lab was then requested.