A red trailer on the Avery property was the home of Steven Avery following his release from prison in 2003. The trailer and much of its contents were property of a certain Rollie Johnson.


Sometime during Steven Avery’s 18-year inprisonment Jodi Stachowksi began living in this trailer. Sometime after Avery was released from prison, and after living in an ice shanty for a brief period, he had moved in with her.


First entry

On Friday 4 November 2005 investigators entered Steven Avery's trailer for the first time. One day prior the investigators had learned that the victim had made it to Avery’s Auto Salvage on Monday 31 October for an appointment with a certain "B. Janda". On Wednesday 3 November Steven Avery told Manitowoc County Sergeant Andy Colborn that he had seen Teresa from his trailer window taking pictures of a van his sister was selling.

Following this it was decided that James Lenk and David Remiker of Manitowoc County were to return to Avery’s Auto Salvage and try to obtain consent to search his trailer. Steven gave consent and the two officers entered the trailer for a quick 5-minute sweep looking for anything obvious related to her being missing.

Second entry

The second entry was on Saturday 5 November 2005, after the Toyota RAV4 had been found on Avery’s Auto Salvage. It was a 10-minute sweep, looking for any obvious signs related to the whereabouts of Teresa, very much like the first entry.

Third entry

The trailer was entered a third time, again on Saturday 5 November, at about 19:30 hours. The officers were inside the trailer for a little more than two and a half hours and seized approximately 50 pieces of evidence including hand cuffs, an AutoTrader magazine and some trace evidence.

James Lenk believed everything of evidentiary value had been seized after this search.

Fourth entry

On Sunday 6 November law enforcement entered the trailer at 12:25 hours and left at 12:48 hours. Law enforcement was inside for 23 minutes. Dan Kucharski of Calumet County was requested to return to the trailer to pick up a .22 caliber rifle, a .50 caliber rifle, and a vaccuum cleaner and bedding.

Fifth entry

A fifth entry, also on Sunday 6 November wasn't conducted by law enforcement, but by representatives of the Wisconsin State Crime Lab. The representatives used alternate lighting to find trace evidence such as blood.

Sixth entry

On Monday 7 November James Lenk, Andy Colborn and Bill Tyson of Calumet County entered the trailer at 9:57 hours and left seven minutes later, at 10:04 hours. They were requested to retrieve the serial number of Steven Avery's computer and left after acquiring it.